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Nitrile Coated Gloves for Effective Hand Protection

Issue nitrile coated gloves as part of the uniform for any employee who performs dangerous job duties. The synthetic material offers superior protection from a variety of risks found in construction, manufacturing and other high-risk jobs, including cuts, punctures and chemicals. Keep your employees working without down time for hand injuries with nitrile coated gloves.

Channel the Strength of Nitrile

A synthetic version of latex, nitrile is about three times as strong as natural rubber when it comes to tear and puncture resistance. It holds up well against chemicals, including oils, making the gloves protective for janitorial, laboratory, manufacturing and food processing staff. The impact-reducing quality comes in handy for workers in industries where pinches or blows to the hand occur, such as oil drilling, mining, demolition and cargo handling. Using gloves with a nitrile coating protects hands from injuries and may reduce the severity of the injury should an incident occur. This improves the safety of your staff and reduces time lost due to recovery from injuries, which helps you keep operations running smoothly.

Find Gloves for Every Employee

Nitrile gloves come in styles suitable for a variety of industries, including food handling, laboratories, mechanical jobs, manufacturing plants, construction and mining. Choose a bright nitrile coating for positions requiring hand signals, such as those given to crane operators. Opt for a glove with a textured grip to make holding tools easier, especially in dirty or greasy situations. Longer gloves protect not only the hands but the forearm as well for additional employee safety. Nitrile is a fully synthetic material without any latex in it, so reactions are not an issue for your employees with latex allergies.