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When selecting notepads, you have a wide variety of options. You can, of course, opt for plain and traditional pads on which employees can write their reminders and communications. Alternately, you can choose naturally engaging notepads with bold colors and images. While traditional notepads have their place, selecting decorative pads can assist you in improving your office culture and allow you to have some fun with your employees and customers.

Increase the Friendliness of Your Notes

Scribbling "Meeting at 10," on a generic pad of paper may be effective, but it sends a rather harsh message. If you're trying to create a culture of fun in your workplace, using decorative notepads for your communications can make this goal easier to attain. Use these notepads to express your support and build the engaging environment that you always dreamed your business would embody.

Reward Students or Employees With Playful Designs

Saying "thank you" is great. Giving a written expression of your thanks is even better. Putting this written expression on a page from a playful notepad is best of all. Delight employees or students by purchasing some engaging pads on which you or your employees can write notes of gratitude or encouragement. The playful and thoughtful nature of these notepads will enhance the supportive words contained in the message, making it all the more meaningful.

Establish and Reinforce a Workplace Theme

All work and no play makes a workplace dull indeed. Add some pizzazz to your workplace by establishing a workplace theme - and reinforcing the theme with complementary decorative notepads. Purchase notepads featuring frogs to represent your "Hop into Success" theme, or notepads emblazoned with owls as an homage to your "Whooo's Hardworking?" initiative. As employees use these notepads and post notes written on them around the workplace, your theme will naturally come to life.

Encourage Creative Thought With Decorative Notebooks

Writing down notes and ideas in a bland notebook may get the job done, but the prospect is far from inspiring. Instead of offering your employees or students plain-fronted notebooks and expecting them to fill them with masterpieces, select journals that inspire creativity and confidence. Offering a decorative notebook gives the writer even more incentive to fill the pages with brilliance, which will ultimately benefit your business.

Increase Productivity With To-Do Lists

Keeping on top of tasks can be a challenge for anyone. Aid employees - and yourself - by adding a collection of pre-printed to-do lists to your supply closet. Just the presence of these notepads will encourage employees to put them to use in tracking their tasks. These notepads come ready-printed with lines and checkboxes, making tracking task completion decidedly easier - and more rewarding - for all involved.

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