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Nursing Supplies

Nursing Supplies Aid in the Care of Patients

A busy medical practice or urgent care center runs on the care of its nurses, and ordering plenty of nursing supplies ensures that patients get the care that they need. Tuck plenty of specimen collection cups and tongue depressors in exam rooms, supply closets and common areas so that you aren't left searching around for one during a routine exam. Your nurses need to have suture and staple removal tools just a few feet away to remove stitches quickly and send the healed patient on his way. Nurses can use adhesive removers to wipe away residue from bandages so that patients aren't pulling out body hair to get rid of it.

Jars and Lab Trays Help Nurses Do Their Jobs

Quill carries Medline and Mabis jars and lab trays so that your nursing staff can organize the essential tools required for a routine patient exam or get ready to put stitches into the teenager that wiped out on his skateboard. Store tongue depressors, cotton balls and variety of other items in clear jars so that your staff can easily see what they need and don't waste time opening and closing containers looking for the correct item. When it comes time to stitch up a cut, your nurse needs a laceration tray on deck to help get the patient in and out as quickly as possible.

Medical Swabs and Applicators Aid in Gentle Treatment

Keystone Industries and Dynarex swabs and applicators make it easy for your nursing staff to get a saliva sample or apply a topical antibiotic cream. Applicators with cotton tips are soft against the skin of a patient who already has a bruise or a cut, and they make patients more comfortable. When cough and cold season kick in, order extra swabs to keep in exam rooms and common areas so that a nurse can quickly swab a cheek for the lab to determine why the patient isn't feeling well and determine the best course of treatment.

Store IV Supplies and Central Line Dressing Trays for Emergencies

From car accidents to dehydration, each emergency that arrives at your clinic needs immediate attention and may raise the possibility of an IV or central line. Your nurses can quickly gather the IV supplies or central line dressing tray when you place them in exam rooms and the supply closet. Drive Medical and Medline medical supplies provide the IV poles your nurses need to hang an IV bag to ready the patient for transport to another treatment room or care facility, as well as dressing trays that your doctors rely on to place a central line. With a central line tray, the nurse has the sterile gloves and face mask needed to provide protection for your staff and patients along with alcohol wipes and iodine swabs.


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