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Rehabilitation Equipment Supports Healing and Recovery

Help injured or limited-mobility clients improve their functional abilities with rehabilitation equipment. Choose items that help protect joints or reduce pain to keep patients as comfortable as possible during treatments. Select items from popular industry brands, including WaxWel and Parabath.

Treat Arthritis, Sprains or Joint Stiffness With Heat Therapy

Keep paraffin bath units handy for patients who require heat therapy for muscle or joint stiffness, arthritic pain, sprains or pain due to injuries. The units feature large, deep tanks into which a patient can immerse her foot, hand or elbow while comfortably sitting in a chair. Paraffin bath units provide moist, soothing heat to the skin to help reduce discomfort and increase range of motion in joints. These units also help soothe bruised, dry or chaffed skin. Place paraffin bath units on sturdy surfaces without worry, as their heavy-duty designs keep them stable during use. Insulated outer housings and thermostatic control features help you keep the temperature within the unit's optimal range, yet comfortable for patients.

Use Paraffin to Soothe Joints During Hydrotherapy Treatments

Fill small or large therapeutic tubs with unscented paraffin blocks or beads so clients can relieve sore muscles and rejuvenate their skin during deep hydrotherapy treatments. Place paraffin at the bottom of large tubs or small bath units so it can slowly dissolve as patients soak ailing body parts. To boost each patient's hydrotherapy experience, choose fragrant paraffin blocks or beads for their aromatherapy benefits. Choose from a variety of scented paraffin blocks designed to help patients relax, or choose a scented paraffin bead option for its fresh, vibrant aroma.

Increase Heat Retention During Treatments with Paraffin Mitts

Keep a large supply of paraffin mitts in your supply cabinet, and place them over each client's hands or feet before paraffin treatments to ensure high heat retention and deep heat penetration. Paraffin mitts enhance the benefits of paraffin treatments by insulating the hands and feet to lock in moisture and therapeutic heat, making them ideal for minimizing joint stiffness, reducing arthritic pain or hydrating cracked skin. Paraffin mitts are simple to apply and remove, and their lightweight design ensures each patient's comfort.

Administer Therapy Conveniently With Deluxe Paraffin Bath Units

Deluxe paraffin bath units make it easy for practitioners to administer therapy, as they come with everything necessary to begin treating patients immediately. Deluxe units include unscented paraffin wax, hand mitts and foot mitts, which are essential for intense heat therapy treatments. They also include tub liners, which facilitate the cleaning process. Deluxe paraffin bath units are ideal for high-traffic clinics, as their heavy-duty construction makes them strong enough to endure continuous use. Transport deluxe paraffin bath units from one treatment room to another without hassle thanks to their portable, lightweight design. Most bath units also have temperature control features for added convenience.


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