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Highlighters Draw Attention to Important Information

Use highlighters at the office and school to make sure that you can relocate important information in your reports in just minutes. Bic and Sharpie provide a rainbow of colors in packs, so that you can highlight essential information in yellow, supporting documentation in blue and highly sought out information in pink to make it easy to flip through a report and find needed facts.

Never Miss a Signature Again

When you work in an office or a business that requires signed contracts, highlighters lend a hand in getting all the right signatures in the correct places. With multiple colors available, you can assign each person who needs to sign a separate color, or you can highlight signature lines in pink, initial lines in blue and places to write in the date in yellow. Once everyone has signed, you can easily flip through the pages to make sure the correct signatures are under the correct colors. The bright colors help the signature locations leap off of the page.

Unlimited Uses for the Accounting Department

Managing and organizing money coming in and going out of your business requires a lot of organization. Keeping highlighters close at hand makes it easy to color code a list of clients who need to pay by date of payment or number of days past due. When writing in the customer's file, you can highlight agreed payment dates so the staff can easily find them when on the phone or answering a question. Marking the top of each bill with a different color lets your accounting team quickly decide the month it is due. Quill, Bic and Sharpie provide small chisel tips for small writing that needs highlighting or thicker, larger chisel tips to highlight several lines of text at once.

Keep Business Meetings Moving Quickly

If reports and paperwork are handed out before a meeting, there's no reason for your clients or employees to lose time looking for valuable information. The use of highlighters draws attention and helps the people in the meeting keep up with the most important information and numbers. If you need to stop and help someone find the needed facts, they practically jump off of the page when highlighted.

Easily Keep Plenty on Hand

Whether you use highlighters at the office for tracking customer signatures, account status or accounting purposes, stocking up is easy. You can purchase packs of Sharpie highlighters with eight or 10 different colors included or a multiple pack of Bic highlighters with 24 pens in a single color. Quill Brand offers a box of dozen pens in one color, such as blue, pink and green. If you love saving money, you can select packs where multiple box purchases save you even more money than a single box.