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Whether you're new to digital photography or a seasoned professional, PENTAX® has a digital camera just for you Each camera incorporates the latest advancements in digital technology including high-resolution images, versatile zoom capabilities and a selection of shooting modes


Pentax Digital Cameras for Every Type of Photo Shoot

Pentax cameras help promote your company, products and services with crisp, high-resolution images. Pentax uses the latest technological advances to produce excellent movie footage and high quality images ready for print or uploading to social media. With a range that includes lightweight mirror less models, heavier digital SLRs and zoom lenses, you're sure to find a cameras and accessories that suit your business needs.

Fun Cameras to Grab and Go

Make sure your in-house photographers or marketing team members always have a camera at hand to capture those fun, candid moments that look great on social media. Pentax mirror less cameras are small and light enough to slip into jacket pockets or purses and carry around all day. Quick shutter speeds, zoom lens and inbuilt flash help ensure great quality photos in various lighting conditions. A simple switch transforms the camera into a movie camera.

Easy-to-Use Controls

Pentax SLR digital cameras' range of automatic features help beginners get excellent results while also offering a range of manual controls that experienced professionals can exploit to the full. LCD camera screens reduce the number of wasted shots by giving users a clear view of the scenes they are shooting and letting them review each shot instantly to check for quality and suitability. Horizontal auto-adjustment avoids further wastage from wonky photos. Cameras with anti-shake technology, sensor-shift stabilization and zoom kits allow continuous shooting at several frames per second, making them ideal for action photography.

Serious Gear for Professionals

Pentax top-of-the-range digital SLR cameras with Sony sensors produce top quality high-resolution images essential for studios and professional photographers. Eye-Fi card and Flucard technology enable Wi-Fi connectivity for quick image transfer to smart devices, while USB ports allow for quick uploading of images. Automatic flash and red-eye reduction help avoid unflattering images.