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<h2>Safety Tags for Effective Workplace Warnings</h2><p>Safety tags are a great way to keep your employees on their toes when it comes to handling certain types of items. These versatile tags are useful for general inspections, issuing notices, keeping track of important items and warning people about hazards. Made of durable materials, these safety tags hold up well under normal wear and tear.</p><h3>Choose Strong Messages or No Message</h3><p>Safety tags are a great way for your employees to leave a strongly worded message on an item without writing it themselves. It only takes a few words to convey an important message, and Quill safety tags are worded in a way that your employees can understand easily. The most important words stick out in large letters, and your workers can quickly figure out what it is they should – or should not – do in mere seconds. Some tags include additional wording in smaller letters underneath bold headings. If employees want to write their own messages, you can buy tag styles that are partially or completely blank for writing additional notes.</p><h3>Designed to Be Easily Noticed</h3><p>Buy safety tags with bold colors and graphics that pop out at the reader, compelling anyone in the vicinity to read what the tag says. Colors on these attention-getting tags include red, green, black, yellow and white. Expertly placed graphic images and colors on these tags call attention to important information.</p><h3>Made to Endure Rugged Handling</h3><p>Durability is extremely important when it comes to safety tags, and Quill tags are designed for long-term use. Materials used to construct these tags include strong PF-cardstock, rip-resistant vinyl and heavy-duty plastic. These tags can remain intact for a long time, even at the most rugged workplaces.</p>