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Extra storage for your ever-growing collection of files Upgrade to faster transfer speeds, and customize your experience to suit your digital life Seagate Dashboard management tool enables you to easily manage your backup schedules, file encryption and at-a-glance drive statistics


Seagate Hard Drives to Backup Your Data

Backup your valuable data or simply expand your current storage with this handy selection of external hard drives. Choose a traditional spinning drive for office use, or select a solid-state unit if you plan to travel. Select a drive with USB 3.0 and transfer data from your desktop PC or laptop at lightning fast speeds. You'll save money when you switch to an in-house solution and cut out your cloud-based backup plan.

Various Capacities to Suit Your Needs

Make copies of product photos, store valuable business documents or transfer files from one location to another with our extensive collection of external hard drives. Pick a large six terabyte drive and use it to back up several computers at once in a small office setting. Alternatively, use a smaller one terabyte drive to separate financial files and invoices from your regular work. If you work with larger graphics files or databases, consider pairing your computer with an external hard drive for each client or project.

Stylish, Secure Options

Get matchy-matchy on your desktop with black or silver external hard drives. Silver hard drives work well with Macs, while black models coordinate with many PCs. Display your chic slimline external hard drive proudly and keep your data safe at the same time: Seagate's clever file encryption options ensure that only you have access to confidential documents.

Solid-State Models Travel Well

Unlike traditional spinning drives, solid-state external hard drives don't have moving parts. Because of this, they're harder to break accidentally, making them ideal for on-the-go use. Buy a two- or three-terabyte model and keep it in your laptop bag to back up your data after sales calls, conferences and business meetings. Use a solid-state drive to send large amounts of data safely through the mail and share important files internationally.

Compatible With Mac or PC Machines

Set your PC or Mac up with an external hard drive and reduce or drop your cloud-based backup plan. Connect a spacious solid-state drive to your iMac and use it with Apple's proprietary backup software. You can use the Seagate Dashboard program, which comes bundled with Seagate hard drives, to manage your backup schedule and instantly examine your drive statistics on a wide variety of computer types.

Create Your Own Server

Use a multi-bay NAS server to set up a home-based server and create your very own cloud-based file storage system. Then, wirelessly connect your devices to the server system and enjoy centralized backup and universal document access. Free up desk space and back up your data twice when you pick a two-bay hard disk unit, which saves files simultaneously to both of the drives in its chassis. Quill offers options that let you stream 4K content to your television via the server, reducing demand on your regular computer's RAM in the process.