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Paper Trimmers for Concise, Fast Cutting

Banish uneven cutting lines and sore fingers with paper trimmers for the office. One swipe of the sharp blade on a trimmer gives you a perfectly straight cut line in a lot less time than it takes to cut by hand with scissors.

Make Short Work of Office Cutting Jobs

How much time do your employees spend cutting in the office? Some industries don't require a lot of cutting, but those employees who cut apart cards, create templates or cut other projects may spend a lot of time behind the blades of scissors. It takes even more time when you slow down to get somewhat straight lines. Slash the time your employees spend cutting with a paper trimmer for the workroom. One movement of the blade cuts across the entire length of the paper in a matter of seconds. Trimmers handle multiple pages at a time without skewing the cut line, so employees can tackle a large job quickly. If cutting is a major part of the job in your office, make your employees more efficient with this simple tool.

Cut Straight Lines Every Time

Some jobs don't have to be perfect, but for professional cutting projects, straight lines are essential to a quality finished product. Cutting with scissors often results in inconsistent cuts. Even the most steady hand can't cut a perfectly straight line every time. A paper trimmer uses a long blade or a razor-type blade that moves along a track to make one smooth, straight cut — all that's needed is to line up the paper with the guide on the trimmer. Most trimmers come with a grid printed on the base to help line up the paper and get the correct length or width of cuts.

Never Search for Your Scissors Again

How much time have you lost over your lifetime searching for your scissors? Somehow those sneaky little things always seem to disappear. It's a lot more difficult for a paper trimmer to get lost in the shuffle of office life. Get a heavy-duty X-Acto or Swingline trimmer with a large base so it is always visible. The size of most trimmers fits easily into an office workroom but is substantial enough to always be easy to find. Set up a cutting area in a shared work space with extra table area for stacking and organizing the cut papers. If the cutting volume in the office is low and space is limited, opt for a smaller cutter with a blade that slides along a track, such as one from Dahle or Westcott.

Keep It Steady

Remember the guillotine-style trimmers your teachers used in elementary school? That same style works well in the office with its wide, steady base. The heavy-duty base holds up to all of your office cutting jobs, and many models feature rubber feet to keep the unit stable while cutting.

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