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Knit Gloves for Protection, Comfort and Improved Grip

Whether your employees are lugging packages around the office or just working outside in the cold, knit gloves help prevent hand injuries and provide warmth. Quill offers different styles to suit different situations, from latex-coated gloves for improved grip and liquid resistance to SuperDuty gloves for maximum protection.

A Range of Sizes for All Body Types

Provide a range of sizes so all your employees get the most comfortable fit, or choose a one-size-fits-most glove if you don't need a full range available. For easy identification, Memphis Gloves have color-coded hems with each color corresponding to a size, so your employees can quickly find the gloves they need.

Light Protection From Cuts and Dirt

Knit gloves are ideal for tasks that require a light-to-medium level of hand protection, such as warehouse work or handling machinery around the office. They keep the hands protected from cuts and keep dirt out because of the snug wrist fit, and they don't limit dexterity or flexibility. They're also a good choice for working outdoors in a cold environment; the knitting keeps hands warm while remaining a breathable material, preventing sweaty hands.

Enhanced Grip to Handle Heavy Items

When your employees are handling heavy or difficult-to-grab items, providing knit gloves with PVC coatings can make all the difference. PVC dots enhance the wearer's grip, so items that are usually hard to hold securely become easier to handle. Give your employees the tools they need to prevent dropped or damaged items, and help them to do their jobs as efficiently and safely as possible.

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