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Test Preparation & Thinking Skills Books Enhance Learning

Enhance the resources tutors and teachers provide for their students with test preparation and thinking skills books. Study guides are a helpful tool for students to develop insight into characters in literature, breakdown strategies to navigate through math or science problems and create steps to comprehending complex material. Your school or tutoring center is a vital part in the success of a student, but with innovative resources, you can further push them toward a sense of accomplishment.

Help Students Assess Strengths and Weaknesses

Give teachers the resources they need to identify strengths and weaknesses of students. Study guides, skills books and test preparation tools often include pre-assessments to test the knowledge of your students prior to diving into the materials. This assessment shows both teachers and students what areas of the material need more attention. While there is still a real need for those notes your students are taking in class, supplemental materials to prepare for tests further arm young and not-so-young minds a boost in both knowledge but also confidence. Equipping them with these resources can help reduce test-taking anxiety, especially when students feel more prepared and less uncertain about what to expect from the test.

Simulate Exam-Taking Experiences

Create an innovative learning environment within your school or tutoring center by providing test preparation and thinking skills books that can be used to simulate exam experiences for your students. Study guides commonly feature questions related to the subject area or novel that are similar to test questions students may face in the future. With these resources, your staff can help prepare students for the content on upcoming tests but also identify how they think critically when taking exams. For example, a teacher may notice that one student stumbles through multiple choice questions, whereas another freezes when it comes to true or false prompts. Sample tests within study guides can be timed to show your students the amount of time they spend on certain types of questions. This information is helpful in breaking habits that could be inhibiting your students' abilities to succeed on tests.

Offer a Portable Learning Solution

Students and instructors need resources that are accessible in a variety of environments. Learning does not just happen in the classroom or at home, which is why study guides and test preparation skills book are ideal. These portable resources allow teachers and tutors to prepare for lessons from home or an Internet cafe while also allowing your students to increase their study times on breaks at an after-school job or while waiting for soccer practice to start. The ease of transporting study guides is enhanced because students no longer have to cart around heavy textbooks or bulky notebooks. They can grab their skills book and get to work right away.