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Suction Tubing Keeps Patients' Airways Clear

Keep your patients' airways clear with medical-grade suction tubing and the parts and equipment to keep it operational. Whether at the hospital, doctor's office or a mobile intensive care unit, a reliable suction unit belongs in every space where patients may need help clearing their throats of saliva or other obstructions. Make sure you stock tracheostomy care kits for patients with tracheostomies, as well as the more commonly used oral suction kits. Sturdy vessels and the chemical disinfectants needed to render it safe prevent bio hazardous material escaping prior to proper disposal.

Suction Airways and Help People Breathe

Keep the people who trust you with their health breathing freely by regularly suctioning obstructed airways with a suction tubing kit. These kits are essential gear for EMTs, nurses and doctors alike, and they belong in every medical bay. Handheld suction tubing kits are easy to use, and any nurse can teach elementary oral suctioning to friends and family of the patient, or even to the patient himself, in just a minute or two. After that, keeping the airway clear is as easy as regularly changing out tanks and tubes to keep the whole kit sanitary and functioning well. Regular changes help fight the spread of hospital-borne infections and promote a quick recovery, regardless of the procedure that brought your patient to the hospital.

Use a Variety of Kits for People With Differing Needs

Suction tubing kits come in a variety of designs and intended uses. Use the standard oral suction kit to clear obstructions for patients who have a temporary problem or during surgery while the patient is unconscious. Connect a specialized trash care kit to the throat port of a patient with a permanent or semi permanent tracheostomy-ventilator combination. Choose long, flexible tubing for ambulatory patients, or opt for a short, stout set of tubing for higher negative pressures and immobile patients.

Safely Handle and Dispose of Hazardous Material

What comes out of a ventilated upper respiratory tract is not pleasant, and it represents a significant hazard to staff and other patients. Keep that hazard at bay with sturdy containment tanks that can be changed regularly. Routinely switch out the equipment, including any tubing or nozzles that have touched the hospital floor, to prevent secondary infections that can delay recovery. Solid disinfectant is great for sterilizing infected material, such as sputum from a patient with a serious lung or airway infection, before it goes into the biohazard bin. These suction tubing kits are disposable, so you don't need a specialized medical waste disposal company to handle them; simply put them out with the spent syringes and gloves. The kits' thick walls, made from medical-grade plastic, hold contaminated material inside until the week's waste collection is done.