Surgical Supplies

Surgical Supplies to Stock Your Medical Office

Having the necessary surgical supplies is vital to the health and safety of your patients and employees. Keeping those supplies fully stocked and ready to go lets your employees' medical skills shine without slowing them down or causing frustration. You'll win patient satisfaction points and keep your employees happy if you make sure they have a steady supply of surgical instruments, prep supplies, drapes and covers, masks, shields and cleaning supplies.

Stock What You Need

No one knows your specific needs like you do. You know the types of procedures you perform and the type of equipment those procedures require. You know which supplies seem to fly off the shelves and which ones only need refilled occasionally. Stock the supplies you need for the medical procedures you perform so you are always ready for your next patient. Choose face masks and shields to keep your employees safe during procedures. Safely prepare your patients for surgery with the scrub solutions, brushes, applicators and shaving equipment you need. Your employees can be happy to come to work when they see fully stocked cupboards filled with necessary medical equipment.

Keep Supplies Handy

Having the supplies on hand is only part of the battle in making things run smoothly in your medical facility. Keeping those items organized and within reach lets your surgery staff work efficiently without fumbling for items. Wall brackets give staff a hands-off approach to getting the cleansers and creams they need. Hang sanitizer dispensers or towel dispensers to support a clean environment. Trays and bowls hold fresh and used supplies to contain the items in the procedure rooms.

Create a Safe Environment

Just as important as having the correct surgery tools is keeping everything sterile and safe. Stock up on trays for convenience when sterilizing your tools. Protect your sterilized equipment before the procedure begins with durable, two-ply sterilization wrappers to keep contaminants away so your patients stay safe. After all, your reputation as a safe medical facility is essential to keeping patients coming your way. Outfit your office with a defibrillator, which could potentially save lives in unexpected emergency situations.

Clean Up the Mess

We don't have to tell you how messy surgery is. Whether you're running the show behind the scenes or performing on the surgical front lines, you've probably seen things that would make the average person more than a little squeamish. That's why clean-up equipment is a key ingredient to keeping your medical facility in tiptop shape. Disposable washcloths and towels made from strong material hold up in surgery for quick clean-ups. Dispose of them after the surgery for ultimate convenience. Choose a clean-up kit that contains everything you need to clean up the room in preparation for the next patient.