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Time Card Racks That Organize Your Time Clock Station

Time card racks help you keep your workers' hours under control and organize the week's payroll at a glance. Having each employee punch in and out as the shift or the lunch hour begins and ends saves valuable time in computerized recordkeeping and data entry. Keeping a set of racks out in the open, near the front door or in the employee break room, gives everyone a convenient place to track hours worked, breaks taken and shifts traded. Glancing at the rack during the workday tells you in an instant which employees are present, which are expected and which ones have called in sick for the day.

Keep Time Cards in One Convenient Spot

Keep time cards, bulletins and other necessary information together in one spot that all your employees visit every day. By setting up time card racks in some public place, such as the break room, you can create a common area that's ideal for posting notices and organizing meetings. Mounting a set of racks to the wall also helps hourly workers deposit their cards in a single central location and makes picking up and replacing the cards every week as simple as walking by with a cart.

Track Time and Other Information

Use the time card racks in your office to keep track of the hours your team works, even if it's just with a glance to see who's checked in and who hasn't. Open-topped time card racks display the tops of the time cards inside of them, so they're visible without emptying the rack. Get a two-column rack, and have employees switch from one side to the other to show they've remembered to punch in at the beginning of the shift.

Quickly and Efficiently Sort Through Complex Payroll Data

Sorting through payroll is a chore every manager dreads. With an efficient time card-based system organized around the single point where you've mounted the racks, you can streamline the payment process to a simple pickup and sorting job. Time card racks also help you sort through functional teams in the office. Just have each team stack their cards above or below the others with a blank slot between them; you can sort through each team's time separately and make accounting a bit more flexible.

Infinitely Expandable System

It's easy to turn a single time card rack into a comprehensive management system. As the payroll grows, add additional sections to an expandable rack, or just hang a second rack next to the first. Try labelling the slots to indicate whether the shift is regular or overtime. Mark the bottom slot for employee notes to management, and instantly create a suggestion box without the carpentry it usually requires.

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