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Tripp Lite® UPS Systems provide complete power protection because they support critical loads during power failures while protecting against brownouts, surges and line noise Offers an extensive selection of UPS systems to ensure you get a perfectly tailored solution for your precise application


Tripp Lite UPS Systems Protect Critical Electronics

Ensure that your customer records, inventory levels and pending orders are safe and sound when the lights go out with the Tripp Lite UPS system. It doesn't always take a powerful storm to knock the power out in your area, and plugging your servers, computers and essential electronics into an uninterruptible power supply gives you time to properly shut off these critical electronics when the power does go out. These units help your staff hit the ground running when the power comes back on instead spending precious time trying to rebuild your systems.

Always Be Prepared

Dark and stormy nights can easily turn into nightmares for your IT department, but you can provide them with a UPS system to ward off their bad dreams. With multiple plugs, these units can accommodate multiple servers and aid in maintaining data when there's a surge or failure in the local power grid. By keeping your UPS system plugged in while the power is on, the batteries on these units remain charged and ready for use.

The Time You Need

Quill carries a varied selection of Tripp Lite UPS systems for small- to medium-sized offices, medical centers and retail outlets, all of which can be paralyzed by a power outage at the wrong time. These units keep your critical systems purring along until the power comes back on. Your IT department can use this extra time to back up files and shut down systems safely to avoid any corruption issues.