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Welding Gloves to Provide Insulation and Range of Motion

Keep your manufacturing staff safe and happy with welding gloves. Each pair is designed to withstand heat and harsh industrial conditions, so your employees can work efficiently and with peace of mind. At Quill, we carry gloves in a wide range of leather types from brands such as Memphis Gloves and Anchor Brand, so it's a breeze to find the one that suits any welding application or worker preference.

Durable Materials to Protect the Skin

Protect your workers from the high heat of a welding torch with welding gloves made from heat-resistant materials. Cowhide gloves offer a high level of resistance to heat and abrasion, so welders can get close to the joint without compromising safety. If you're outfitting employees for outdoor work sites, choose pigskin gloves, which perform well in a variety of weather conditions. For low-heat welding projects, capeskin gloves provide the perfect blend of insulation and flexibility.

Flexible Fit Ensures Safety and Dexterity

Give your workers the freedom to manipulate equipment and arcs with welding gloves that provide a flexible range of motion. Gloves made from soft cowhide or pigskin adjust to the natural movement of the hand, reducing resistance and increasing precision. The high level of flexibility reduces muscle strain, so workers feel fresh at the end of a long shift. Looking to reduce the number of on-the-job accidents at your facility? Each of our glove styles is designed to fit loosely, making it easy for your fabrication staff to remove the gloves quickly when they come into contact with molten metal. At Quill, we know that the fit of a welding glove can affect sensitivity and control, so we carry gloves in a variety of sizes to fit all of your workers.

Welding-Specific Construction Keeps Workers Safe

Take your safety plan to the next level with welding gloves that are constructed with painstaking attention to detail. Gloves sewn with Kevlar thread and finished with fully welted seams prevent heat from leaking in, so your employees stay cool and dry when the temperatures rise. Worried about wear? Look for gloves that feature reinforced palms and thumbs — the extra padding adds extra protection where your workers need it the most. Many styles feature extended cuffs that provide full wrist coverage, shielding the skin from errant sparks or uncontrolled arcs.

Choose From Varied Styles to Suit Different Welding Applications

When it comes to welding gloves, application-specific styles can increase safety and productivity. TIG welding gloves are thin and soft, so workers can feel the shape of the delicate filler rod and electrode holder. For the intense heat of stick welding, thick leather gloves provide maximum protection. If your workflow requires employees to switch quickly between welding applications, look for medium-thick gloves that offer a high level of flexibility for general welding projects.

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