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Whiteboards help keep important goals top of mind, make brainstorming sessions more fluid and can make prioritizing your to do list even easier. Use a variety of dry erase markers to color code your dry erase board messages. Read More

Whiteboards Get Your Message Across

Place a whiteboard featuring the daily special front and center for customers to see when they walk in the door of your restaurant, coffee shop or retail store. You can use these handy whiteboards or magnetic dry erase boards to list specials, sale items or limited offers and erase them as soon as they expire. During a meeting or conference, install a whiteboard at the front of the room so that everyone can see the main points of your speech or mark off tasks for a project after completion.

Generate Sales for a Specific Item

Make the most of the call from your fish supplier telling you that he has fresh halibut and red snapper available today by having your chef whip up a scrumptious dish and advertising it on a whiteboard by the hostess stand. After all the fresh red snapper sells, you can quickly erase that dish and highlight the halibut. Place a whiteboard close to the cash register showing off the best-selling specials of the week so that customers can stock up before leaving your store.

Use Whiteboards to Organize Thoughts and Office Tasks

Quill carries Luxor and Plus whiteboards that you can place in all the departments of your company to hold to-do lists, project tasks and quick notes. Give your sales department a variety of colorful dry erase markers and a whiteboard to create a color-coded schedule for their next campaign. Then they can easily mark off each item as the date passes. Take advantage of a whiteboard to leave an important message or list the time of the next company meeting.