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Writing Desks for Simple Work Stations

Maximize office space with streamlined work stations using writing desks. Unlike full-sized desks, writing desks are simplified with an open work surface and an open base. Many models have small drawers just below the work surface or a raised shelf near the back edge for just a touch of storage -- enough to hold the essentials without drowning in clutter. Sometimes the key to making your office run smoothly is to simplify.

Maximize Your Available Space

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal office setup. Does everyone have a separate work area with a massive work surface? Natural light flooding the area? Collaborative work spaces for group projects? In a perfect world, space isn't an issue, but back in reality many businesses have to use every square inch of space. Writing desks help conserve space because of the relatively small footprint they require. Since many writing desks are finished on all sides, you aren't limited to pushing them up against walls. Get creative with the arrangement. Pull the desks away from the wall. Group them in a pod to inspire collaboration. You have a lot more options for arranging writing desks in a space than full-sized desks with credenzas. And you don't need to hire a strongman just to rearrange work stations.

Meet Your Employees' Needs

Not every employee needs a massive, L-shaped desk to complete work tasks. Some may prefer a smaller work space. Employees who primarily work on a computer without paper files to wrangle get along fine with the condensed surface space of a writing desk. Choose the features and styles that best fits the way your employees work to create functional, inspiring work stations. Some writing desks come on casters, making the work stations portable when employees need to work in a different area.

Show Your Style

Writing desks may carry a sense of simplicity, but that does not mean they're boring. Choose models in typical desk materials, including wood and metal, to coordinate with the current furnishings in the office. Match the general style you have going in the space. If the office is traditional, stick with a wood desk accented with tapered legs and wood detailing. If you have a funky, modern vibe in the office, opt for a metal desk with angled legs and a smooth glass top. X-style legs, built-in shelving, detailed drawer panels and steel brace bars are just a few of the accent options that give the desks personality and pizzazz.

Cut Clutter

The open design and streamlined storage in a writing desk forces your staff to limit clutter. They simply don't have room to overload their desks with unnecessary items. Think of it as a creative way to foster organizational skills in your clutter-prone employees. The simple design and relatively open style also lends an airy, open feel to the work space in general, eliminating that cramped, cluttered feeling.