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10 Best Payer Contracting Practices of 2016

Learn Payer Contracting Negotiations and Analysis — Secrets to Success

A lot has changed in the last year when it comes to payer contracting- value based contracts, multiple year agreements, mergers, bundled payment reimbursement, and the emergence of ACOs, are just a few of the many evolving trends that affect your practice.

This highly valuable webinar will give you a practical road map to negotiate profitable contracts with commercial payers in a way that results in a win for your patient, a win for your practice, and a win for the payer. Regina will break down the payer contracting process into 10 easy-to-understand, sequential tasks into three specific categories: preparing for the negotiation, negotiating, and monitoring after the negotiation is complete (an important step that is often forgotten). Regina will highlight changes that affect payer contracts going forward for 2016 and beyond.

Regina Vasquez, is the Director of Ancillary Contracting for the Mountain States and Pacific Northwest at United Healthcare. She has been in the business of contracts' negotiations between medical providers and insurance carriers and fee schedule analytics for over 10 years. Additionally, she has 15+ years of small business operation and project management experience, plus five years working as an ancillary professional in the postpartum unit of a large, private hospital in San Diego County, California.

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