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The Atlantis® pen model from BIC® promises to provide the smoothest writing experience ever. Bic Atlantis pens come in variety of styles based on design, point size, and type of ink in the barrel. There are many colors to choose from like pure black and bright purples. Bic Atlantis ballpoint pens are ideal for many uses, including art, home, office, and school.

Atlantis pen features

No matter the style or design, Bic Atlantis pens have a few common features that make them easy and comfortable to use. They all use the Easy-Glide® ink system that delivers ink to the ballpoint tip in an uninterrupted flow, preventing skips. The ink dries quickly to eliminate smudging. Each style has a pocket clip for easy carrying on-the-go, and a rubber grip that lets the pen fit comfortably in the hand, unlike other types of ballpoint retractable pens. Silver tips are sturdy and precise, and the translucent barrels let users know when ink is running low.  

Bic Atlantis ballpoint pen styles

There are several styles of Bic Atlantis ballpoint pens to choose from. The types vary based on point size, design, and ink type.

  • Bic Atlantis Bold - Thick 1.6 mm medium point
  • Bic Atlantis Exact - Thin .7 mm fine point
  • Bic Atlantis Original - Initial design with 1.0 mm point and lower body rubber grip
  • Bic Atlantis Comfort - full body rubber grip
  • Bic Atlantis Ultra Comfort - extra soft silicone grip
  • Bic Atlantis Stic - Simple, straight ballpoint stick pen without curves
  • Bic Atlantis gel pen - Made with colorful gel-based ink

Differences between gel and ballpoint pens

There are a few differences between ballpoint pens like a Bic Atlantis purple pen and a gel ink pen. It’s useful to know how these different office supplies work since Bic makes them both. Each uses a ballpoint or rollerball system where a ball at the tip rolls over the paper and releases the ink from the reservoir inside. The major difference is the ink inside. Ballpoint pens use a thick gel-based ink that quickly dries, while gel ink is more viscous, so it releases almost three times the amount of ink. This creates a bold, vivid line. It’s also possible to find many more colors with gel ink.

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