Becky Berry

Becky Berry

Career coach and job change expert

A certified career coach and former professional job changer. She is also a podcaster.

Her 25+ years as a social entrepreneur, tech entrepreneur, magazine publisher, professional blogger, and teacher give her a unique perspective on job and career change. She works with passionate people to re-imagine their relationship with work by helping them reimagine their careers or find better ones, and picturing their lives in ways they could never have dreamed. Her experience as an entrepreneur has led her to work with intrepreneurs. And, her experience working with people who have high functioning disabilities like ADD, dyslexia, and Asperger’s give her insights into how to recognize previously misaligned skills and talents and make them work for them instead of against them. She is known for her outside-the-box strategies for helping clients jump their internal hurdles and move forward. She and her podcast partner host the Uniquely Brilliant Podcast weekly.

Articles By Becky Berry

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businesswoman in empty board room looking out window

How to find the right career path

Navigating your way to the right career path can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. What if you looked at it as an adventure game with the prize being a path to an exciting new future? Of course,…
Female candidate shaking hands at a job interview

How to convince someone to hire you

You’ve landed an interview with your dream company. Now all you have to do is get them to hire you. You’ve got this because you’ve been practicing for this exact opportunity for a long time. You know how to research,…
woman multi-tasking with sticky notes

Why juggling is the new multi-tasking

Have you ever considered that multi-tasking might not be helping your productivity? I can hear you right now: "But I’m an admin! How can I get my work done if I don’t multi-task? And what’s the difference between multi-tasking and…
Woman thinking with coffee

How to work effectively with introverts

Although extroverts tend to take center stage in the workplace, there’s little information about how to work effectively with introverts. Let’s start by reiterating that the labels extrovert and introvert are not about levels of shyness, but instead, they refer to…