Beth Braccio Hering

Beth Braccio Hering

Freelance writer specializing in workplace and job search issues

Beth learned about office life during her undergraduate days at Northwestern University in a work-study job at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. She went on to spend several years as an administrative/editorial assistant at Encyclopedia Britannica before sharing her first-hand knowledge of workplace culture as a daily blogger for The Office Professional for three years. She continues to cover subjects of interest to job searchers and office workers for clients such as CareerBuilder, FlexJobs, and Business Management Daily. She also served as senior editor for health and safety topics for and often still writes about medical topics as they pertain to the workplace. Beth also is the author of two stories in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.

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how to ask for a promotion

How to ask for a promotion

Few workplace conversations stir butterflies as much as asking for a promotion. How you approach the matter, however, makes a world of difference. Rather than seeing it as a confrontation or as a “cross your fingers and hope for the…
Quit being nervous around your boss

Quit being nervous around your boss

Do you become tongue-tied around your supervisor? You’re far from alone. By its nature, the employee-boss relationship has uneven dynamics. This person’s perception and actions can affect your career path and your livelihood, so being afraid of doing or saying…
elevator pitch

Crafting a top-notch elevator pitch

Job seekers never know who they might meet that could connect them to their dream position. From the recruiter at a local job fair to the friendly new member of the library book club, every person should be regarded as…