Callie Sharkey

Callie Sharkey

Non-Profit & Environmental Programs Manager

As a big supporter of the TEAM concept, Ms. Sharkey has received supervisory and leadership awards as a manager, and provided professional trainings for demographics ranging from Directors to camp counselors. Her background in education and environmental conservation work brought her to a first-hand understanding of how to build a team up from a motley crew of naysayers to a group of passionate, respectful doers.

Working with non-profits that focus on everything education-related from human health to social issues and the environment, This experience has allowed her to work directly with individuals and families dealing with diabetes, cancer, unemployment, probation, autism and homelessness.

She has had articles published in Florida Environmental Outreach Magazine and is a regular contributor to Wellington the Magazine and Wellington’s Town Crier. She also assists non-profits in writing grants and develops a variety of team building and educational programs.

Her favorite color is green and she loves coffee! Ms. Sharkey also has writings at:

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