Caroline Wittenberg

Caroline Wittenberg

Editorial Assistant & Freelance Writer

Since she could, Caroline Wittenberg has been writing. It began with scribbling her name on every surface imaginable and in the last 25 years, has developed into a compulsion for all things the written word. Caroline has a background in content writing for a number of clients across a variety of platforms, developing content for e-newsletters, social media, press releases, and sponsored articles (to name a few). She currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, working as an editorial assistant for a multi-brand publishing and media company, and a freelance marketing writer and social media contributor. She frequently covers topics close to her heart, such as finding success in the workplace! In her spare time, she likes to spend time with friends and family, watch the latest Netflix fad, travel, and daydream.

Articles By Caroline Wittenberg

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Employee engagement drives growth

How employee engagement drives growth

What keeps an employee feeling engaged in the office? Is it the friendships he or she develops with coworkers? A manager that serves as a mentor? Stimulating and challenging work? Or a healthy dose of all three? For each and…
be nice but not too nice

How to be nice (but not too nice)

We all know that one person in the office; the "pushover.” The pushover may be Joe in the corner cubicle with a stack of papers in front of him so high that he can’t see over them, because he agreed…