Caterina Lipardi

Caterina Lipardi

Expert Programs Coordinator/Content Writer

Caterina Lipardi is a bilingual (English, French) freelance Copywriter and Content Writer, with experience writing B2B and B2C content.

Prior to starting her freelance business, Caterina made her corporate career all about helping individuals reach their personal and professional objectives. An expert in program coordination, she oversaw the smooth functioning of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) for a leading North-American human resources services company, and administered the Continuing Education Programs of a major Professional Association. Early in her career, Caterina also completed two internships at a local Chamber of Commerce. This experience has taught her about the importance of promoting and supporting business growth— knowledge she has utilized throughout her diverse professional experience.

With a passion for helping people reach their full potential, Caterina now helps SMB owners expand their business through strategic copywriting and content marketing.

A true advocate of continuing education, Caterina is trained in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Event Planning. She also holds a BA in English Literature.

When she is not writing for her various clients, she enjoys writing about entrepreneurship, career development, and personal growth.

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