Catherine Pappas

Catherine Pappas

Recipe developer and gourmet

A recipe developer and founder of Living the Gourmet. With the help and encouragement of her son and daughter, Catherine decided to start a blog in October of 2008, with the purpose of passing down her recipes to her children. Since then, her blog “Living the Gourmet” has grown into a popular food site with an active and growing community of like-minded food enthusiasts. Having grown up in a traditional Italian home, food and family have always been an important part of Catherine’s life. It is this idea and core belief that Catherine conveys through her recipes and musings. Whether you are a veteran homecook, or someone who has never touched a serving spoon in your life and is just starting to find your way into the kitchen – there is something here for everyone. Each recipe she writes is tailored for home-cooking. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys music, reading and writing.

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couple having romantic dinner

A quick and easy Valentine’s Day dinner

Big red hearts, candlelit dinners, and red roses are the typical images conjured by the 14th of February. One of my favorite quips regarding the holiday, however, is that “Valentine’s day is about reminding couples of their lack of time.”…