Christopher Dace

Christopher Dace

Delivery driver

Chris Dace has had many jobs over many years. These jobs included supply manager for a nursing home, waiter, gas station attendant, rehab tech, candle factory worker, dishwasher, taxi driver, security guard and others. During most of that time he was unaware that he was autistic. This ignorance caused a great deal of difficulty. He would like to offer his experiences and observations in the hope that they may help others in the tricky matter of dealing with neurotypical persons (NTs) in the workplace and elsewhere.

He also hopes that neurotypical persons may come to appreciate the degree to which persons on the autism spectrum are not at home in the world. He would like to see others benefit from his experience.

Chris publishes short fiction under the name Max Christopher. These stories have appeared in a free online magazine called Bewildering Stories.

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