Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz

Digital Content Marketing Writer

Dan started his career in the office as a human resources administrator, focused on biotech and software. In 2008, he started pitching articles online and quickly built a career as a freelance writer, and he became a full-time freelance writer in 2011.

In 2018, he decided he needed a new challenge and went back to the office, working for GZA Geoenvironmental as their Digital Marketing Content Writer. Now he balances freelance work as a side hustle with applying his skills to a truly unique job.

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handy tools to keep at your desk

Handy tools to keep at your desk

Unless your workplace is a construction site, you can often find yourself without the tools you need to grasp a hard to reach object, loosen a hex nut, install some basic hardware, or other day-to-day tasks. Keeping these six tools…
how to green commute

How to green your commute

More and more, people want to mitigate their impact on the environment, and the commute is a big part of that. 28% of America's greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation, and 60% of that is light vehicle traffic. You don't…