Elizabeth Woodard

Elizabeth Woodard

Personal finance and real estate writer

Elizabeth Woodard is a personal finance and real estate freelance writer based in Tampa, Florida. When she’s not writing about getting out of debt and buying a first home, she can be found editing eBooks, writing sales copy, and generally improving her clients’ lives by 10000%.

She likes long walks on the beach, overusing cliches, and arguing with her friends about why they aren’t going to get rich starting an app with money from a payday loan.

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Secret Santa gift under $50

6 Great Secret Santa gifts for under $50

"This gift is a reflection of how much you value our working relationship and if you screw this up it'll be a really, really, really awkward year. This is what I'm pretty sure all my coworkers think during Secret Santa.…
develop administrative assistant skills

How to develop administrative assistant skills

If you’re applying for administrative assistant jobs, you’ve got a fair bit of competition. According to inc.com, every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes. Out of those 250, only four or five are called to an interview. When you’re competing…
5 Plants to brighten up your cubicle

5 Plants to brighten up your cubicle

Offices can be depressing places to work. Most offices are decorated almost entirely in browns/grays, with fluorescent lights flickering off ugly bare walls. This can make for a dull mind and an unhappy employee. What can you do about it?…
How to tell if a job ad is a scam

How to tell if a job ad is a scam

Being out of work can be incredibly stressful. Bills start to pile up, morale goes down, unemployment eventually runs out and you need to get back to work as fast as possible. That's when your situation is at its most…
typing speed

How to increase your typing speed

If there’s one thing that’s really frustrating, it’s being a slow typist. I know what it’s like to be the person embarrassed because the world of technology was leaving me behind. Truthfully it didn’t become a huge problem for me…
how to write the perfect cover letter

How to write the perfect cover letter

In a world where every job posting put online is spammed with hundreds or thousands of resumes, writing a cover letter is an essential part of getting noticed by any employer. Taking the time to write a few specific paragraphs…
Asking for a Raise

How to ask your boss for a raise

In a perfect world, our bosses would notice our accomplishments and contributions to the company without a reminder. The boss would then research a proper pay scale and offer you a raise at the high end of what someone in…