Hayden Goldberg

Hayden Goldberg

Yoga/Meditation/Fitness Instructor & Freelance Writer

Often described as nomadic, she’s currently a San Diego, California based health & wellness junkie and lover of the written word. After over a decade in a corporate environment, Hayden decided to restructure her life to allow her time on a daily basis for the things she loves. Hayden is a certified RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and enjoys sharing her knowledge through teaching yoga, meditation & fitness classes. In 2017, she launched her own on-site yoga/meditation/fitness business, Namaste Anywhere (TM), servicing corporations, private clients & special events as well as offering exotic yoga & meditation retreats. When she can find a spare moment, Hayden loves to freelance write: typically for health & wellness or travel publications.

In her personal life, Hayden makes time to see the ocean each and every day, practices Bikram yoga and meditation, jumps on her Stand-Up Paddle Board, plans her next adventure and hugs her nephew and niece every chance she gets.

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