Jacklyn Janeksela

Jacklyn Janeksela

Freelance writer, Creative director, Start-up creative business strategist

Jacklyn facilitated at 21-Day Challenge called Aligning Dollars with Dreams and wrote the entire coursework for the project. She has ghost written for blogs about living abroad (how to budget to get there and how to survive once established, etc.), start-ups, and business plan writing.

Her areas of expertise include: wellness culture, meditation/stillness, lifestyle, entrepreneurs, visa support, mental health, startups, pedagogy, work culture, busy culture, yoga, food, alternative lifestyles, and body positivity. She has an online creative business, hermetichare.com.

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network as your authentic self

How to network as your authentic self

Networking demands revamping. The word itself conjures insecurities, anxiety, and dread. What if we give networking a new title, something that isn't just inviting, but better suits the concept. Link-building implies a collection of people working together to create meaning.…
improve mental outlook work

5 ways to improve your mental outlook at work

Regardless of how optimistic we are, there are moments when positivity seems to evaporate from our world.  Negative behaviors and attitudes can creep in at any time. So how can we manage negative feelings while elevating our self-worth?  Constructing ourselves…
How to add meditation to your daily routine

How to add meditation to your daily routine

Meditation does not mean what most people think it means. Our impression of meditation is that it looks and feels foreign, perhaps even exotic. When most people think of meditation, images of Buddhist monks come to mind. It’s logical. While…