John Boitnott

John Boitnott

Digital Media Consultant & Journalist

A longtime digital media consultant and journalist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently dispenses career advice and writes about online marketing and entrepreneurship at, Entrepreneur and BusinessInsider. He’s an investor and advisor at several Silicon Valley companies and has worked for multiple marketing agencies and startups over the years there.

Before he started working primarily in Tech in 2006, he was a longtime TV and Radio news reporter in Southern California, starting in 1994. He worked most prominently as a TV reporter for the ABC affiliate in Santa Barbara, KEYT Channel 3, from 2000 to 2005. As a general assignment reporter, he covered everything from floods and fires to festivals and city council meetings.

During this time he also served as everything from radio PSA Director and Morning Show Producer, to TV Video Editor and Afternoon Radio News Anchor.

Boitnott has always loved writing, but more specifically he enjoys bringing information to people who need it or who had not known it before. That’s what sparked his love of TV news earlier in his career, and continues to feed his interest in writing and reporting even now. These days John loves informing people about shifting technology landscapes and new startups in fields ranging from medicine and education to sales and marketing. His biggest current project is a series of posts for about entrepreneurs helping underserved communities in the U.S. and around the world.

After moving back home to San Francisco in 2005, he started working at the different TV stations in the Bay Area, and it wasn’t long before he got a job as web editor at NBC Bay Area. Since then, he’s done stints at Village Voice Media and Venturebeat along with the work at startups and agencies.

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