Kevin Wheatley

Kevin Wheatley

Office Administration / Freelance writer

Kevin Wheatley has worn several hats in the office world, and writes on occasion about his experiences and on technical aspects of his job. He has published work in areas of office culture, human resources, office management, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. He has taught legal research and writing courses, and has volunteered for several years as a literacy tutor and youth instructor. He hopes to engage others in a thoughtful discussion of office life and business essentials.

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how to keep your job during a recession

How to keep your job during a recession

If you follow financial news you probably know that we are currently in one of the longest periods of economic expansion in United States history. Expansion is the opposite of a recession. Business activity grows, jobs are plentiful and consumer…
destroy digital data

How and when to destroy digital data

In the past, privacy could be mostly ensured through paper shredding, but now data is almost universally digitized. It resides on hard drives, servers, disks, and, increasingly, in the cloud. The proper disposal of digital data can be a challenge…
Organizing the best brunch for client meetings

Organizing the best brunch for client meetings

Looking for a proven way to engage your clients and strengthen important customer relationships? Set up your next client meeting as an informative, fun and tasty brunch. Discuss important concerns over robust coffee and memorable bites, get business done and…
stocking your church supply closet

The essential list for your church supply closet

A well-stocked and organized church supply closet requires much more than extra copies of prayer books. Religious gatherings and structured worship are all about community, and one of the best ways to foster a strong sense of togetherness is to…