Layla Velasquez

Layla Velasquez


Layla Velasquez is a freelance writer living in Texas. She started out her career as an administrative assistant in the Houston oil industry, where she gained valuable insight in everything from working with a staffing agency, surviving office politics, and the organization and self-discipline to make it as a self-employed professional.

Since then, she has done copywriting and SEO content work for a number of independent websites. She also served as a staff reporter for a Houston based online news conglomerate, and worked for a national daily news site.

Layla was also a staffer for an educational web copy firm, where she produced informative articles on colleges and careers. Some of her other publishing credits include pieces for The Woodlands Lifestyles and Homes, USA Today Online and Events Magazine.

She is currently marketing her first novel, loosely based on her experience working for a traveling arts company. She holds a BS in journalism from Oral Roberts University.

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