Lisa Tanner

Lisa Tanner

Administrative Assistant/Freelance Writer

Lisa Tanner loves finding order in chaos. A homeschooling mom of eight, she implemented a combination of processes and routines to find more time in each day. Now in addition to homeschooling and a few farm chores, she spends time each day creating content for small businesses, and providing administrative support for business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Should babies be allowed in the office

Should babies be allowed in the office?

Do babies belong in the office? While there are concerns about having babies at work, many companies believe the benefits outweigh those concerns. These companies are adopting infant-at-work polices. These polices help ease the transition back into the workplace following…
How to choose the correct surge protector

How to choose the correct surge protector

Are your computers and other electronic devices safe from electrical surges? With proper protection, you can answer a confident "YES" to this question. What is a power surge? A power surge occurs when your office’s electrical current spikes for a…
Make your waiting room child friendly

How to make your waiting room child-friendly

Is your waiting room kid friendly? Bored kids often act out, so having a welcoming space helps decrease crying, whining, and other problem behaviors. Kid-friendly spaces also mean happier, less-stressed parents. When you make it easier for parents to run…