Lori Hil

Lori Hil

Business writer & social media enthusiast

A North Carolina native working as a professional blogger and freelance B2C writer living abroad. A freelancer obsessed with capturing content, and sharing brand love, she adores making that virtual connection to help business owners engage customers and potential clients through fabulous content and fun communication. As the blogger behind Immensely Social, Lori offers advice on living an integrated freelance life. Her clients include Sprout Social Insights, BeFunky, and Zhena.TV.

She grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit creating pretend businesses from her “office” aka the shed in her backyard. Her make-believe projects included creating menus for non-existent restaurants, starting a bed and breakfast, complete with plastic play food, and running a makeshift post office. This entrepreneurial spirit continued into adulthood and translated into a passion for helping other businesses use their words to connect.

Lori believes in the power of social media to change the world. This is evident by the amount of time she spends on Pinterest, more than she cares to admit. With coffee close at hand and her Chihuahua on her lap, Lori writes from her base station in the Andes. When not writing or on social media, she enjoys exploring the city and snapping photos of the various street art while watching vendors sell their wares.

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