Lorna Rogahn

Lorna Rogahn

Freelance Writer

Lorna Rogahn is a medically-minded mom and wife who is passionate about health, medical research, parenting, and all things literary.

She is a certified oncology research coordinator and holds a Master of Science degree in Health Psychology.

When not rearranging letters and punctuation on a computer screen, she spends her time chasing her speedy son and her even speedier greyhound.

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How to manage migraines at work

How to manage migraines at work

Imagine that you arrive at work, ready to begin a productive day. As you sit down at your desk, you feel a painful twinge behind your left eye and realize with dread that another excruciating migraine is on the way.…
3 tips for sharing an office

3 Tips for sharing an office

Did you share a bedroom as a child or a dorm room in college? Think back. How many arguments resulted from sharing that one small, common space?  Sharing an office can be equally as difficult. Read on for tips you…