Masako Fukuchi

Masako Fukuchi

Freelance Copywriter & Content Marketing Specialist

A freelance copywriter and blogger. After quitting her full-time job in 2016, she waltzed into the dog-eat-dog world of copy and content writing where she writes to inspire others to pursue their passion.

As an avid people-watcher, Masako has first world experience in what not to do in a workplace and tips to maintaining a healthy mindset to be productive and mindful in and out of the workplace.

Articles By Masako Fukuchi

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track and manage remote employees

How to track and moderate remote employees

Tracking remote workers is a dicey matter - workable hours are difficult to manage when staff is physically elsewhere. Sometimes workers forget to "stop the clock" or lose sight of project goals. If you’re an employer with a team of…
windowless workspace

How to survive a windowless workplace

Typical office workers spend about a quarter of their day inside — and if your workplace (cubicle, warehouse, laboratory, home office) has no windows, your body goes into "hibernation." Lack of sunlight can produce nasty side effects such as depression,…