Melissa Bolton

Melissa Bolton

Copywriter, Brand Therapist + Archetypologist at Melissa Bolton

As a copywriter and brand therapist, I use Neurobranding to develop solopreneurs, micro-businesses, and individuals residing in the creative arena. I work with relationship-oriented, thoughtful visionaries including [but not limited to]: coaches, indie business owners, photographers, designers, artists, Etsy transplants, boutique owners, small business start-ups, seasoned vets looking to rebrand, and those looking to take the leap and expand into the online community.

I’ll help you conceptualize legions of ideas into a sustainable, workable ‘big-picture’ platform. By giving voice to your inner-most musings and extracting that ever elusive common thread, together we’ll build your most authentic empire.

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Women attending business meeting

The introvert’s guide to self-promotion

When it comes to business and especially marketing, introverts get a bum rap. Often misinterpreted as shy, cold, or averse to relationships, these introspective professionals have to work harder to cultivate the kind of connections that seem to come so…