Nicole Przybylski

Nicole Przybylski

Product Manager and Freelancer

I call myself a Do-It-All! I’m a Product Manager by day and dabble in freelancing on nights and weekends. My mission is to learn as much as possible about the current Retail Environment, Effective Marketing, and Consumer Experiences.

A shameless “fashion-person,” I love sharing and learning about new trends and functional product design.

Thanks for coming to learn with me!

Articles By Nicole Przybylski

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Trade Show Tips

How to attend a trade show like a pro

You’ve been asked to attend a trade show, but you’ve never been to one! Now what? If your boss won’t be joining you, follow these tips to get the most of your experience and bring something valuable back to your…
Office Feng Shui

How to balance your work space with Feng Shui

Keeping your desk organized and functional can be tricky.  Bring balance to your workspace with Feng Shui (pronounced “Fung Shway”) – the Chinese practice of design that brings positive energy to your work environment. First steps: The Bagua Map Think…