Nina Nixon

Nina Nixon

Writer, Author, and Business Consultant

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Nina Nixon is a freelance writer, author, and business consultant with more than 30 years of experience.

Early in her career, she worked as a purchasing department clerk and assistant to the president and vice president of a paper supply company. While there, she managed the office supply inventory and processed employee orders for additional office supplies.

Nina was also an administrative assistant and secretary to the director of the telesales department of a children’s magazine publishing company as well as an office manager for a software retailer.

Nina has written several technical manuals and then trained others using the newly created manuals as guides. In addition, she has written hundreds of website landing pages, blog posts, long form and short form articles, how-to technical articles, brochures, posters, display print advertisements, text advertisements, and press releases. Her favorite topics are business, science and technology, health, and the environment.

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