Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O'Brien

Founder and CEO of Lakeview Labs

A serial start-up & tech entrepreneur based in Chicago, IL. He started his career in Madison, WI working for a variety of startups & also founding the world’s largest college charity run. After that, he was an early employee at Groupon, where he was regarded as the “most profitable employee” ever, setting multiple sales and market records that still stand today. He was also paramount to the launch and growth of the Groupon mobile app, “Groupon Now” where he was the first business development employee brought to that team.

After his Groupon years, Patrick enrolled in a Chicago based coding bootcamp, learning Ruby on Rails & starting his direct experience with apps. Patrick and his team were admitted into a Silicon Valley tech accelerator, launching his first startup – – an “Uber for Ticket Scalping” (which was successfully acquired in 2016).

While operating and growing Ticket Scalpr, Patrick launched Lakeview Labs, one of Chicago’s top mobile app development agencies. Lakeview Labs has produced various “top in category” apps, featured apps, and have consulted on the most innovative, most profitable, and most viral apps of their respective years.

Patrick is excited for what is to come with the Internet of Things & is launching another startup in Q2 2017 in the travel space!

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