Robbie Sullivan

Robbie Sullivan

Administrative Support Specialist/Freelance Writer

She served as a Human Resources Officer and Paralegal for the U.S. Army and was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. She served 3 years before returning home and worked in a medical setting caring for adults and children with varied abilities. She earned a degree in Educational Sign Language Interpreting while waiting tables. She went on to be an Administrative Support Specialist at a local zoo before ultimately deciding that her full time effort should go to her family.

With two daughters, a son, and a husband each day is unique. She is also a part-time letter carrier for the United States Postal Service. She has experience in human resources, customer service, sales, legal, payroll, and every other aspect of an office and is excited to share her advice and knowledge with you.

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respectfully commemorate Memorial Day

How to respectfully commemorate Memorial Day

Memorial Day:  a three day weekend set aside for barbecuing and kicking off the beginning of summer, right? It is unfortunate that when asked what is being celebrated on this holiday, that is how most Americans respond. Memorial Day is…