Ronesha D. Dennis

Ronesha D. Dennis

Communications and Web Development Professional

A communications and web development professional who spent the first three years of her professional career as an Office and Fulfillment Coordinator at a national nonprofit.

Following her three year tenure, she transitioned into program management at the same nonprofit before becoming a full-time web developer who codes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. Ronesha holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Howard University.

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Microsoft Dynamics SL tutorial

How to create invoices with Microsoft Dynamics SL

Invoices play a large part in the accounts receivable process. Many businesses create invoices as part of their fulfillment process and for other business transactions. If you’re in charge of creating invoices, and your office utilizes Microsoft Dynamics SL software,…
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How to create invoices with PayPal

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How to add your work email to your iPhone

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Making travel accommodations for staff

How to make travel accommodations for staff members

Making travel arrangements is a stressful process. Which is probably why many upper-level management staff pass the task off to administrative assistants. Whether you've been tasked with making flight, hotel, and car rental reservations for one staff member or ten,…