Sarie Robertson

Sarie Robertson


A writer for Black Celebrity Kids, Inc. She worked for the County of Los Angeles’ library system for four years before fully embracing her passion for storytelling.

During her stint with the library, Sarie learned a lot about the office life. She now hopes to share these lessons with the world.

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Employee retention

Why employee retention is important

More than 70% of American workers admitted to being disengaged at work in 2016, and less than 50% of employees were pleased with their jobs. Making matters worse was the millennial generation who switched companies at alarming rates in 2016,…
Overcome Workplace Gossip

How to overcome workplace gossip

A day at work wouldn’t be complete without workplace gossip. From the mysterious secret life of the new boss to supposed changes to company policies, there’s nothing like the latest scoop. While some view workplace gossip as healthy, the majority…