Sharda Johnson

Sharda Johnson

HSSEQ & HR Consultant, Freelance Writer and Entrepreneur

I am a Caribbean born, Business Consultant, specializing in writing and implementing successful; Quality Assurance, Human Resource, and HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) Management systems. I am also a Freelance writer.

I studied Psychology at the University of The West Indies, I am also certified in Practical Accounting, Internal Auditing and I have been trained on various specifications not limited to, OSHA, AP1 Q1 and ISO 9001:2008.
A member of the American Society for Quality who has worked across many industries not limited to, The Education industry, Oil and Gas industry, Security Industry and Health Industry in many job titles (Substitute teacher, HR Officer, Librarian, Quality Assurance Manager,) prior to becoming a consultant and self-employed individual. I am an avid learner and my next course of study will be Biobehavioral health which I intend to pursue at a university in the US. I am also familiar with the inner processes of WordPress blogs and websites from experience and I am great with analytical tools etc.

I have provided consultancy services for clients in the Caribbean, USA and Ireland. (so far) Writing management systems from the ground up, writing single policies and procedures or manuals or just advising and providing guidance. I have also personally invested into commerce.

My love for writing is no stretch from my profession. As a consultant, I do write often (technical and business writing) and it enables me to share my knowledge for the positive growth and upliftment of others. My five plus years of experience in combination with excellent research skill stemming from my love of reading allow my writing to encompass a wide range of topics.

I am an islander at heart and love to travel, one coastline at a time. It’s work in progress. When I am not writing or travelling, I am reading, relaxing with my family, trying to implement fitness regimes or tips into our lives or heavily engaged in cooking.

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