Steve Milano

Steve Milano

Entrepreneur, small-business and nonprofit manager, educator

Steve Milano has been managing or advising businesses for more than 30 years. He has been a chief operating officer, executive director, vice president of marketing, director of publications and small-business owner.

Steve has written many articles on workplace productivity and efficiency issues and career advancement for both employees and employers. He has managed an entire company, as well as departments within companies. His articles have appeared in dozens of magazines and newspapers and on websites.

Articles By Steve Milano

28 articles
how to prepare next sales manager

How to prepare your next sales manager

Hiring the right sales manager can be a make-or-break proposition for your small business. Quite often, you might have to promote an existing salesperson to prevent the defection of a top producer. Here are some helpful guidelines for preparing one…
how to respond to angry customer

How to respond to an angry customer

Is the customer always right? In many cases, no. But if you try to explain, even courteously, why your company is right and the customer is wrong, you can lose a customer forever. Not only that, you might motivate the…
manage donation sponsorship

How to manage a donation or sponsorship

Many businesses donate money, products or services to non-profits, or ask their staff members to volunteer at local charity events. If your company is like most, you don’t have the money to help every worthy organization that makes a request.…
renegotiate small business services

How to renegotiate small business services

Small companies often get comfortable with their vendors, allowing service providers to raise rates or avoid improving their offerings for many years. For example, once a company has an insurance policy, ISP, utility provider, printer, copy machine lease or other…