Su Vian

Su Vian

Advertising Executive & Freelance Blogger

As a Psychology major, I find humans to be the most interesting aspect of my everyday life. My current time is divided between the advertising world and my freedom as a freelance writer. Since I have spent the better part of my working life in different office settings, I hope that my insights can provide a positive and enlightening experience into office life and the workings of the human mind.

I spend most of my time sitting at a desk (since most of my work dictates the use of a computer) and I’m well aware that this is a very important aspect of most people’s everyday lives. Should there ever be such a thing invented to present a multitude of workable ideas for free, do let me know as I’ll very much want to be in line to try it.

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how to write a great resume

How to create a great resumé

It’s safe to say that your resumé or CV is the ticket to gaining entry for a face to face (or phone) interview; provided it’s done correctly. If you’ve ever wondered why your submitted applications get the silent treatment, this…
Achieve a clean workstation

How to achieve a clean workstation

Put a roomful of random people together (because that’s how work usually starts; with strangers), and you’ll soon start to notice differences in workstation orderliness. Although there really is no right or wrong way to organize your work area, there…