Tracey Besemer

Tracey Besemer

Faculty Assistant at Penn State by day, B2B & B2C Freelance Writer for hire by night

Tracey is a transplant to Pennsylvania, originally from New York. Over the years she has worked as a vault teller and an administrative assistant; first to a landscaping and tree care company and currently to research faculty in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Penn State University.

Working with six very different faculty means juggling different personalities, organizational styles, and needs effectively and efficiently. Tracey is also the author of The BMB Buzz, a departmental blog bringing news from the main office to the faculty.

Tracey has always considered the workplace her second home and is continuously looking for ways to make everyone’s 9-5 a little bit better.

Tracey is a passionate storyteller, and aside from growing a B2B & B2C freelance writing career over at, she is working on a B.A. in Digital Journalism & Media at Penn State.

In the evenings you can find her out in the woods looking for mushrooms to bring home for dinner, cooking delicious meals for friends and family, knitting fabulous sweaters and writing. Always writing.

Articles By Tracey Besemer

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Making the perfect cup of tea in the office

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