Wendi Pembridge

Wendi Pembridge

Licensed Insurance Agent in 44 States and the District of Columbia

Ms. Pembridge is originally from Canada, and she has lived in five states and two provinces. She has traveled to over twenty different countries. Her top priorities are her two college-aged sons, her husband, her family in Canada, and her miniature schnauzer, Rowdy. (Rowdy is a Hurricane Harvey rescue dog!) Ms. Pembridge has been writing reviews for almost twenty years and is currently an ‘Expert Writer’ on hirewriters.com. She enjoyed the status as ‘Top Reviewer’ and ‘Advisor’ on the website ‘Epinions,’ which was sold to EBay a couple of years ago. Ms. Pembridge currently has hundreds of followers on Audible.com where she has reviewed almost two hundred audio-books. Presently, she resides in Houston, Texas where she works as an Insurance Agent, and she and her husband have a cattle ranch.

Ms. Pembridge has worked in an office environment for over eighteen years and she has been a manager, a mentor, a senior associate and a team member. She has been active as a social co-ordinator for her current employer, organizing social work events like parties, baseball games, office lunches, and fun days. She enjoys working with people and adding her unique personality and flare to the workplace. Ms. Pembridge has a lot of valuable advice to give new hires to the office environment on some common problems and concerns people face. She solves problems by being positive and she looks outside the box for solutions. Ms. Pembridge also likes to pull the occasional office prank, because sometimes, you just have to mix things up!

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